What Cannabinoids Are Good for Pain?

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Certain types of chronic pain such as nerve damage or inflammation can be eased by cannabis. There are many ways to take cannabis, including edibles, topical application, and placing tablets under the tongue.

Chronic pain today affects more people than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. The most common reason for long-term disability is chronic pain in the United States.

The Best Cannabis Strains to Treat Chronic Pain

These are the different types of cannabis plants:

  • Cannabis indica
  • Cannabis sativa
  • Hybrids

Researchers found that participants prefer indica strains for pain management and sedation and to sleep, while they will choose sativa strains for energy and mood improvement.

What the Research Says

Many studies have been done in recent years to examine the effects of cannabis on chronic pain. According to a 2015 review, several trials showing positive results with cannabis and cannabinoids were conducted. Researchers suggest that cannabis and cannabinoids might be effective in treating certain types of chronic pain, including neuropathy (nerve-pain).

In 2016, a research paper found that 70% of the 17,000 patients with cancer reported experiencing an improvement in their pain and overall well-being following cannabis use.

Patients with chronic migraines reported a reduction in their migraine episodes following the use of the drug.

There is still much to be done in the area of cannabis for chronic pain. This includes research on different strains, dosages and delivery methods.

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